Axles and stub axles

Special axles and custom models

Soil tillage

Mechanical suspensions

Hydraulic suspensions

Air suspensions

Management systems

Wheels and Tires

Like our tires, we offer a wide range from 04” to 54”, manufactured and developed according to all international standards such as the E.U.W.A. (European Association of European Manufacturers) and ETRTO Standards.

Tyres and Tubes

The widest range of tires from 04” to 54” for any use, manufactured in accordance with all international standards and ETRTO regulations. ECE marking certificates confirming the conformity of the tires with the specific technical regulations issued by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE).

Accessories for trailers and agricultural machinery

Axle accessories
The range of ADR branded accessories
Spring drawbars
Range of spring drawbars, both parabolic and multi-leaf.
Accessories for air suspension
Lifting System
Telescopic Cylinders
This is the largest cylinder portfolio in the agricultural and industrial market.
Hand pressure pumps
Manual pumps with 3-litre, 5-litre and 10-litre capacity.
Hydraulic power units
Very versatile power units It is this versatility that finds the right solution for many applications with a compact shape without any need for additional tubes or assemblies.
Hydraulic Jacks
Simple effect jack with spring return.
3-position manual hydraulic valve
This valve is an alternative to installation of an automatic load status detection device.
Swivel and fixed jacks
They are chosen by the best international manufacturers. They guarantee strength in aggressive conditions, ensure quick and easy handling and have minimal maintenance requirements.
Jockey wheels
They are ideal even in areas of non-professional use, such as caravans, car trailers and boat trailers.
Parking jacks
These SIMOL jacks are efficient and reliable even in the most critical climatic conditions.
Wheel Jacks
Heavy-duty trailer jacks ensuring quick and easy handling. Resist vibrations.
Multi-leaf springs
The suspension solution with a wide range of loads.
Leaf springs with helper spring
Leaf springs with helper spring
Parabolic leaf springs
The most used mechanical springs in suspensions.
Ball-bearing turntables
With diameters from 300mm to 1100mm with profiles from 55mm to 90mm high.
Chain for spreaders
Complete range of chains with breaking load up to 13,000kg. Contact us for higher capacity.
Joints for chain, pinions, and chain stretching rollers
The components necessary to install each type of chain in each case. 
Wheel chocks and holders
Wheel chocks to lock trailer wheels which are compulsory by law.
UNE towing eyes
Couplings with standard ring, according to ISO 5692 and manufactured under UNE 68115 based on UNECE R55.
Approved Towing Eyes
With Regulation (EU) 2015/208 and 2018/829 certification
Sheet wheels
Sheet wheels for depth control
Self-Braking Winches
Self-braking winch for lifting with cables according to European Standard EN13157-A1
Mechanical winches
A complete range of state-of-the-art winches, combining the highest levels of safety, comfort and flexibility.
Galvanised plated mudguard with side protection
Available for single wheel or tandem wheels.
Brake levers
All kinds of levers for parking brake
Electric accessories
Possibility of supplying any type of kit or light adapted to every customers' needs
Bodywork accessories
The widest range on the market in bodywork accessories for all types of trailers

Axles and Couplings for speed trailers

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