Hydraulic Suspension
Hydro Advanced

The consolidation of the ADR experience on hydraulic suspensions with axles
For optimum ride comfort both on the road and on agricultural land, at both low and high speeds, the use of HydroAdvanced hydraulic suspension will be the right solution. With a large stroke of the cylinders, the HydroAdvanced suspension guarantees the comfort and stability of the towed vehicle. 


Available in standard or underslung mounting with 150 square axles. Load capacity of 15,000 kg on the axle.
Technical features
  • The supports are ready to be welded on the side of the frame of the vehicle.
  • Cylinders (Ø100/120) are robust and easy to install. 
  • The Clamping is composed with forged parts that allow optimal support and fixation. 
  • The new supports include a system that allows wheel alignment of axles.

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