Axles and stub axles

Axles and
stub axles

Discover our extensive selection of axles, offering capacities ranging from 500kg to a remarkable 30,000kg
We proudly present the most comprehensive assortment of CE-approved axles featuring agricultural and industrial brakes, spanning from 500kg to 30 tons.

In today's ever-evolving transport industry, the expenses related to fuel and vehicle maintenance have become a growing portion of operational costs for companies. Rising fuel prices have a direct impact on transport expenses, and the most effective strategy to counter this challenge is through reduction.

The integration of steering axles significantly enhances the performance of trailers and semi-trailers. This technology not only eases the strain on the vehicle's engine but also conserves valuable fuel resources.


  • Wide range of available axle types simplifies the task of selecting the most suitable product for each unique application.
  • Steering axles contribute to reducing tyre wear and tear, enabling towed vehicles to cover more kilometres on a set of tyres and experience less downtime.
  • Even recycled tyres can be used with increased safety. 
Robustness, longevity and reduced maintenance are the result of research, laboratory and field tests side by side with the end users.

Fixed and steering axles

ADR offers a comprehensive selection of axles, spanning from 500 kg to over 30,000 kg capacities. Our extensive range includes axles which can be equipped with agricultural and industrial brakes, all CE approved and compliant with the national regulations. Our axles are engineered for durability, longevity, and minimal maintenance. This reflects our commitment to continuous research and rigorous laboratory and field testing conducted in collaboration with end-users.
The variety of available models makes it easier to choose the most suitable product for each application.


ADR stubaxles, available with and without brakes, are based on the wide range of ADR axles. They are designed with a view to reliability and durability and are available both with a solid section body and a hollow body, and in a customized version to adapt to customer needs.

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