Dual Function

The capacity to adapt. 
The axle with Dual Function steering system uses the innovative ADR hydraulic cylinder with variable chambers, which allows 2 functions in 1: ONE axle / TWO types of steering. 
It allows the axle to be used with a self-steering system, or as a traditional controlled steering system, always maintaining the same connection of the pipes to the cylinder.


  • 2 in 1:  axle, two types of steering: self & powered steering. 
  • Manufacturer or user are free to set up the steering type.
  • New support for cylinder. Simplified mounting for easy maintenance.
  • New cylinder with high force to control wheels with big diameter and width.
  • Shock absorber ready with specific support with 3 different position of mounting.
  • Suitable for Teknoax Steering axle series
  • Dual-Function axle is optimized for two functions and reduces stock and axle variants to agricultural machinery manufacturers
  • Ready for single or dual line inflating-deflating system (especially PTG)
  • Ready for steering angle sensor device integrated in the outer-arm
  • Only two oil port connections for all types of steering axle
  • 2 oil ports means not changing the piping layout and connection to change the function of the steering
  • New cylinder concept, unique and reliable.
  • High force for steering and locking the cylinder.
  • Simple assembly with new holder.
  • Only 2 hydraulic connections, easy to use.
  • New cylinder holder.
  • Simplified assembly for easier maintenance.
  • New concept of cylinder: Unique that allows both versions of steering, self-steering and controlled.
  • New more powerful cylinder for safely maneuvering large diameter and wide wheels.

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