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The intelligence of technology
In agriculture we often find "samurai" land, ready to fight with all means - stones, limestone, rock, mud - against even the most perfect handling and treatment machines.
With Soil ADR, our technicians have created a series of specific components for soil treatment machines which, with a single function, are able to respond to multiple application needs.


The reliable sealing solutions of the ADR Soil range preserve the functionality of the components because the effectiveness of the seals prevents the deterioration of the lubricant.
The products ADR Soil prevent any failure to seals in the field that can cause unplanned downtime, lost productivity, contamination of soil, and crops.
To ensure longevity, ADR recommends constant monitoring of the working conditions of the machines and accurate, frequent maintenance.
  • A robust seal integrated with steel elements
  • Different types of seals for various operating conditions
  • Bearings protected from contaminants
  • Ensure great reliability
  • Long duration
  • No loss of grease
  • Maintenance free.

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