Flotation tyres

Flotation tyres

These tyres are versatile, suitable for use on various terrains and roads. 
Tyres suitable for use both in the field and on the road that allow speeds of up to 70km/h. They are characterised by their high flotation capacity, ensuring reduced compaction of the ground in order to protect the terrain.


  • Thanks to the reinforced bead and various tread patterns, they are ideal for multi-purpose use on any terrain and road.
  • The tread ensures excellent traction on any terrain and has advanced self-cleaning properties.
  • They can transport very heavy loads with low pressure while ensuring the protection of crops and optimizing productivity.
  • They offer excellent traction and grip, even on bends and during manoeuvres.
  • Low rolling resistance contributes to reduced fuel consumption.
  • The tread, reinforced with steel belts, ensures greater durability.

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