Axles and drawbars for inertia systems

Brake axles
for inertia systems

The axles with automatic release mechanism in reverse, to be combined with the repulsor rudders
The new European Regulation 2015/68 provides for the possibility of equipping small trailers of up to 8,000 kg in total mass with inertia braking systems.
ADR has developed a range of braking axles suitable for all trailers of this type.
The technical service can assist you in choosing the most suitable product for your application, also providing a calculation report in accordance with the regulations.


The inertia braking solution saves the manufacturer from having to equip the machines with different braking systems (e.g. pneumatic or hydraulic) depending on the market.
It is an economical and ecological solution, since the power required for braking is made up of the mass and speed reached by the trailer, which translates into the inertia force that the system uses to activate the brakes.
The key elements are the parts made from machined castings, which ensure high precision and performance.
Reliability is the result of long experimentation and attention to detail, both in terms of construction and maintenance.

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