Where and how it was conceived, tested and designed
ADR developed and thoroughly tested the VARIOTRACK on its R&D test benches in Uboldo, both in controlled environments and in real-world field conditions. Furthermore, the company assessed its functionality on a dedicated bench, equipped with a hydraulic control unit to replicate the tractor's distributor for validation purposes. Customers have also actively engaged in testing and utilising the VARIOTRACK axle, ensuring its practical effectiveness and reliability.
  • Autonomous variation
  • Distributed ground pressure
  • VarioTrack fits all trailers
  • VarioTrack is safe and reliable


  • Track variation is autonomous, without the manual intervention of the operator.
  • The option to choose between two different positions makes it possible to comply with shape-related road regulations for standard track circulation when fully closed.
  • Greater attention on soil surface and soil compaction.
  • Ground pressure is distributed, thus increasing crop yield.
  • The manufacturer is not obliged to make or develop technical changes to the trailer for installation purposes: VARIOTRACK adapts to the various types of trailers currently on the market.
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Technical features
For the operator, VarioTrack is easy to use. VarioTrack is safe and reliable: customers see ADR as a guarantee of safety.


  • Teknoax rotating assembly (hub/bearings) with a transportable load of up to 15T.
  • Load bearing structure constructed using highly rigid elements with minimum clearance between them to bear the highest load capacities.
  • Maneuvering cylinders with screwed pin fixing points to facilitate assembly, disassembly and maintenance.
  • Special hydraulic valves to ensure user safety during movement.
  • Hydraulic track variation actuated directly from inside the tractor.
  • Sealing systems with low friction and a high load capacity ensuring virtually no maintenance over time.
  • Chrome-plated sliding elements with low friction and high corrosion resistance over time.
  • Availability of two braking assemblies: 4218E and 5218E.
  • Provision for an integrated inflating / deflating system in the far spindle.

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