Reinforced Tyres

Reinforced Tyres

Possibility of solidifying any measure of tyre when machines are working in very hostile surroundings.
The process enables injection of two liquid polyurethanes through the hole in the tyre valve, replacing the air. When these two components come into contact, a chemical reaction is given to obtain fully puncture-proof tyres.


  • Unexpected punctures and bursts avoided.
  • Maximised life of the tyre.
  • Machine downtime eliminated.
  • Productivity increased.
  • Stability of the vehicle increased.
  • Centre of gravity of the vehicle reduced.
  • Operator safety increased.
  • Constant internal tyre pressure maintained.
  • Machine vibration reduced, making mechanical components last longer.
  • Enjoyable driving comfort as with a normal tyre.
  • Work at extreme temperatures.

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