Simplifying and Enhancing Efficiency: the New "Dual Function" Axles with "EasyDrive" System

Simplifying and Enhancing Efficiency: The New "Dual Function" Axles with "EasyDrive" System.
The ADR Group has successfully launched its new "Dual Function" axles with the innovative "EasyDrive" electronic system, combining the benefits of self-steering and controlled-steering axles in a straightforward design. This system was honored with the innovation award at Eima 2022.
Since the implementation of European Regulation 167/2013 in 2016, the agricultural industry has witnessed a gradual rise in the use of high-capacity trailers. These vehicles are capable of carrying loads exceeding 40 tons and rely on undercarriages equipped with three or four axles, often with large-section tires operating at low pressures. To accommodate such heavy loads on tandem or tridem axles, undercarriage manufacturers have had to completely reevaluate their offerings, developing products specifically tailored for high-tonnage trailers. These products need to support substantial capacities while maintaining maneuverability, a requirement that can be fulfilled by self-steering axles and controlled steering axles.
Self-steering axles enable one or more axles to steer by adjusting the wheel's rotation pin's position in relation to the axle. The resulting friction between the tire and the ground generates torque, altering the wheel angles to align with the tractor's desired trajectory. Controlled steering axles achieve the same objective using hydraulic systems that are either hydraulically or electro-hydraulically operated. The former solution is the simplest, most cost-effective, and reliable; however, it faces challenges in reverse maneuvers as the stresses between the rubber and the ground can steer the axle in the opposite direction. This necessitates the system to be locked during reverse maneuvers, making them difficult or even impossible to manage. Controlled steering axles effectively resolve this issue by maintaining optimal wheel angles during maneuvers. Nevertheless, their construction is more intricate and costly.
Historically, it was not possible for a single axle to integrate both self-steering and controlled steering functions, leading farmers to choose between the two when purchasing trailers, and bodybuilders to stock both types of axles. However, the ADR group has recently tackled and solved this problem with its "Dual Function" axles. As the name suggests, these axles can operate as either self-steering or controlled steering groups by simply adjusting the connections between the hydraulic cylinder and the control circuit. This innovation allows for a single construction, eliminating the need for farmers to choose between self-steering or controlled steering axles.
To further enhance convenience, the ADR group has introduced the refined "EasyDrive" System, representing a logical and direct evolution of the "Dual Function" axles. While driving forward, the axles function as self-steering axles. However, during maneuvering phases, they seamlessly transition into controlled steering axles based on the hydraulic flows acting on the actuation cylinder. Operators can effortlessly modify the cylinder's action through a small touch screen display located in the cab. The system is supported by two compact control units—one electronic and one hydraulic—that respond to the tractor's commands via the floating distributor. This simple, precise, and cost-effective system boasts proven reliability, thanks to extensively tested technical solutions. It comes as no surprise that the "EasyDrive" System has been recognized as a technical innovation at Eima 2022.
With the introduction of the "Dual Function" axles and the "EasyDrive" System, the ADR Group continues to simplify operations and enhance efficiency, providing agricultural professionals with advanced solutions for their trailer needs.

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