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GEPLASMETAL is founded by José Maria Tartaj. Located in El Piccaral in the suburbs of Zaragoza, it specialises in metal stamping and injection moulding.


Jose Casorràn enters the company as a minority shareholder and Commercial Director and the company grows exponentially. The numerous machines available produce axles for agricultural vehicles and adjustable 2-piece wheels. All this, combined with its ability to produce with its own machinery, gives the company the opportunity to complete this offer with many other accessories for the agricultural sector.


Two agreements are signed for the completion of the GEPLASMETAL production range. The first one with Bondioli & Pavesi sets up B&P Iberica, with the same management as GEPLASMETAL and its own distribution network, selling mainly agricultural transmissions. The second one with the French company FTF gives start to the processing of speed axles with torsion bar suspensions and rubber suspensions. At the end of this decade several investments fail, including the acquisition of a new industrial plant 80 km from Zaragoza (Calatayud), where the production of agricultural axles would be moved. The difficulties lead to splitting the company in two: one part dedicated to production and the other to commercial services to sell the products of the former company together with those of other suppliers.


FTF is acquired by a competitor. GEPLASMETAL Commercial Services leaves its location in Piccaral and moves to the industrial estate of Cogullada in Zaragoza. These are the years of industrial restructuring in Spain and GEPLASMETAL is controlled by a small Italian company, which sells all the plants and facilities and moves the company to its current location in Polígono Malpica.


GEPLASMETAL is acquired by a British multinational and becomes a distribution company. Its location permits any point of the Iberian Peninsula to be reached quickly and with limited costs. The headquarters of Zaragoza supplies and deals with the customers directly.

Up to 2008

GEPLASMETAL enjoys a profitable period, thanks to the Iberian economy.


The profound and unexpected global crisis affects all sectors, including construction, forcing GKN GEPLASMETAL to review its strategy and implement a major corporate restructuring plan.

2012 in December

GEPLASMETAL is acquired by ADR GROUP, a solid company founded in 1950, leader in the industry of industrial and agricultural vehicle components and specialised in the production of axles, suspensions and brakes.

The Future

Our objective is to relaunch the GEPLASMETAL brand, which has contributed to the growth and development of the agricultural and industrial machinery industry for decades. GEPLASMETAL will improve its customer service by providing high quality, speed and a wide range of products: Axles, Suspensions, Brakes, Wheels, Tyres, full tyres and related accessories. The boosting of the production division of Zaragoza combined with ADR’s experience will be the key factors to achieve these ambitious goals.


The presence of a production unit locally will provide the most demanding manufacturers with an entire range of products, from the most complex mechanical assemblies to wheels, tyres and related accessories, with quick delivery. Technical assistance will also be prompt and effective as it will be coordinated in Spain by staff supported by specialists of the parent company ADR system. We will be able to provide technical solutions that meet the functional and commercial requirements of producers and end users. ADR GEPLASMETAL guarantees efficiency, technological progress and advanced research, also thanks to the people who are part of it. ADR GEPLASMETAL is able to be competitive, reliable, constant and responsible in supplying accessories and components required to manufacture any type of agricultural vehicle. ADR GEPLASMETAL markets products of leading suppliers and international brands recognized and appreciated worldwide. Developing a production designed in a technical office in Spain in order to offer customers a more appropriate and faster service. And what is even more important: obtaining a product customised for the manufacturer ready to be mounted quickly on the vehicle.

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