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For ADR GEPLASMETAL product quality is above all synonymous with reliability and meeting the technical needs of the user. ADR GEPLASMETAL satisfies the user’s requirements and favours the continuous exchange of information between its engineers and the vehicle manufacturers. ADR GEPLASMETAL pays close attention to the end user’s needs by choosing solutions to facilitate maintenance in order to minimise machine downtime. ADR GEPLASMETAL offers the full range of items of the Italian parent company, at the same time providing complementary products and industrial vehicle accessories. Quality has been guaranteed for many years by ISO 9001 Certification and integrated with ISO 14001 for its commitment to respect the environment. An advanced paint plant finishes the products treated by ADR GEPLASMETAL. Only water-based paint is used, together with the latest machinery in compliance with EEC standards. This has enabled the total elimination of the effects of pollution on the atmosphere, safeguarding the health of the operators who no longer have to breathe the toxic fumes of paints and solvents. These improvements have not affected quality; on the contrary, the paint is more durable and resistant to the most hostile atmos- pheric agents.
“European Quality” is the top-quality philosophy that has always identified and distinguished us. In addition, we ensure product optimisation while still maintaining cost control. To serve a market well, you have to be right there, every day at the customer’s side.

We are European and we must defend our work and our know-how.
Our wealth of knowledge and experience will enable us, in the very near future, to read on our axles “Made in Spain”.

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